How to add languages to gedit on Mac OSX

Just now, I needed to have a quick look at an ActionScript file. I use gedit for viewing text and code files on Mac OSX, but to my surprise, there was no highlighting mode available for ActionScript. Here’s how I solved the problem:

  1. The .lang files are made by gedit users, as gedit is open source. Download the .lang files from your preferred website. You can also create them yourself, of course!
    A quick google search lead to for an ActionScript .lang file.
  2. Put the file in the following directory: /Applications/
    If you haven’t installed gedit in your Applications folder, you should substitute /Applications for your directory.
  3. Restart gedit.

And that should be it! *victory fanfare*

If your highlighting doesn’t appear automatically, you might need to select it from the View > Highlight Mode menu. Mine is under Sources. To change this, you can open up the .lang file in gedit and change the _section attribute in the first node (its internal structure is XML): <language id=”actionscript” _name=”ActionScript” version=”2.0″ _section=”Sources”> .


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